Animal Health Study
The Animal Health Study (AHS), published since 1960, is a paid quarterly research study that measures the quantity of veterinary pharmaceutical, biological and diagnostic aids purchased or sold in the continental United States. Document information can be returned to us by postage-paid mail, fax or microfilm. We’ll work with you to obtain this information in the most convenient and complete form. Veterinary Informatics will pay you an honorarium based on the type of clinic and number of usable documents received.  
Benefits of AHS Participation:
       • To animal healthcare industry: The results of this study permit decision-makers in the                 industry  to be better informed, allowing them to make better decisions about product           development, innovation and competition. This translates to better products and pricing           for you and your clients.
       • To you: Many of our study participants enjoy participating in research that benefits the           industry. In addition, an honorarium is paid to you.
Of course, confidentiality of your data is contractually guaranteed. All identifiers are removed and data is aggregated with that from other participating clinics, so no individual clinic data is ever disclosed. Over 1500 clinics currently participate in this study and we can provide references for you from panelists (see below). A written guarantee of confidentiality will be provided on request.
Participant Satisfaction:
As a research company, of course we performed research to determine how our panelists feel about participation in VR research. The results of this study indicate that most participate because they want to do research that benefits their industry or value research participation. Over 90% of our participants felt that we valued their participation and were satisfied with their relationship with us. Many of these clinics were willing to be references for us with other potential study participants. We have been in this industry for over 20 years and over that time thousands of clinics have trusted us with their data. You can trust your data with us.
Q: Why do you need this information? How is this information useful?
A: Unlike a grocery store product purchase, the animal healthcare industry does not have      scanners and bar codes to automatically provide sales and marketing information. The      distributors who support and endorse this research study use these data to recognize      marke ts with high growth rates or unmet needs in the marketplace. This information      increases competition, as well as innovation of new products, which benefits veterinarians      and, most importantly, their patients. That is why we value your participation.
Q: What types of products are you interested in?
A: veterinary products, diagnostics and clinical aids.
Q: What if the veterinarian doesn’t have time to complete the study?
A: Although the veterinarian can complete the study, at many clinics the vet delegates this task      to another member of the clinic. Often this person receives the honorarium, with the approval      of the clinic.
Q: What if the vet doesn’t want me to do it on job time?
A: Some clinic personnel complete the study on lunch or break or other off-the-job times.
Veterinary Informatics has advanced data tools to provide you with unique benchmarks to allow you to compare your clinic’s data to aggregated data from similar clinics in your area. Using these benchmarks you can improve inventory management control, negotiate better pricing and improve cost position. Veterinary Informatics can help you to release the power of your own data. Of course, the more accurate and compete the information provided, the more accurate and complete the data analysis can be)
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